2008 projects

L'Accessible Etoile - Elia Fund 

L’Accessible Etoile [Accessible Stars]
(ASBL Maison du Tourisme du Pays de la Forêt d’Anlier – Neufchâteau)

Seeing stars! That's what Maison du Tourisme du Pays de la Forêt d’Anlier (a non-profit association) is offering mobility-impaired individuals a chance to do via this major project. The disabled will now have a chance to explore the heavens in an observatory specially equipped to give them optimal viewing conditions.

Het sportimonium - Elia Fund 

Het Sportimonium Anders Bekeken [A Different Look at the Sportimonium]
(Vzw Sportmuseum Vlaanderen – Hofstade-Zemst)

Located in Hofstade-Zemst, the Sportimonium includes a Sport Centre that promotes traditional games and a Sport Museum in the broadest sense of the term. The aim of Sportmuseum Vlaanderen (a non-profit association) is to enable visually impaired individuals to use the facilities.

Art in the dark - Elia Fund

Art in the Dark
(Vzw Blindenzorg Licht en Liefde – Jabbeke-Varsenare)

Art in the Dark is reversing roles! Here, the blind guide sighted visitors through an art exhibit in the dark. The mobile exhibition space can easily be incorporated into major cultural events, with a view to getting as many people as possible to take part in this rewarding learning experience.

Badje - Elia Fund

Amusons-nous ensemble! [Let's Have Fun Together!]
(Vzw Badje – Sint-Gillis)

The ability to accept others and their differences is a key quality. Learning this is even more enriching for children.
The non-profit association Badje (Bruxelles Accueil et Développement pour la Jeunesse et l’Enfance) obviously gets this principle and has decided to implement it via a project to integrate multiply handicapped children within non-specialist extracurricular programmes. These centres welcome children aged 3 to 12 every day of the week after school, as well as Wednesday afternoons, weekends and school holidays. A project for the future!

Canimôme - Elia Fund

Façonner ensemble des chiens d’assistance [Training Guide Dogs Together]
(ASBL Canimôme – Walhain-Tourinnes-Saint-Lambert)

Canimôme (a non-profit association) is establishing a 'virtuous cycle' with this original project: mobility-impaired individuals help to train guide dogs, which in turn help visually impaired individuals. It's a win-win-win for everyone involved. Man's best friend has more than one trick up his sleeve!

KVG vrijetijdswerking Antwerpen - Elia Fund

Echt inclusief! [Truly inclusive!]
(Vzw KVG vrijetijdswerking Antwerpen – Antwerpen-Borgerhout)

KVG is an association of able-bodied and disabled people involved in managing handicaps (parents, partners, brothers, sisters and friends of handicapped people).

With this project, the association offers able-bodied and disabled children a chance to get to know each other via original and creative activities. This is also an opportunity to discover their own limits and potential, as well as other people's. All while supervised by able-bodied and disabled young people.

Doen! - ASBL Vereniging personen met een handicap - Elia Fund

Kunstenfestival Doen! 2009 [Festival d’Arts Doen! 2009]
(Vzw Vereniging personen met een handicap - Brussel)

Two days devoted to creativity and self-expression through art: That's what Festival d’Arts Doen! is all about. During this event, handicapped individuals make their feelings know through works of art that everyone – the disabled and able-bodied alike - can enjoy and learn from.  This will be featured throughout the city of Leuven.

Mentor - Elia Fund

Alle camera’s op jou gericht [All cameras on you]
(Vzw Mentor - Kortrijk)

"3, 2, 1… Action!" Mentor (a non-profit association) is launching a project that puts mentally handicapped people in the spotlight. The participants are invited to create their own professional short film. A different way for people to express themselves and take part in teamwork.

ASBL Jeugdienst Sjalom - Elia Fund

(Vzw Jeugdienst Sjalom)

Climbing ever higher: a great way to go outside your comfort zone and overcome a handicap. The Klimclusief pilot project makes wall-climbing accessible to everyone. It aims to provide 'outdoor' activities for disabled and able-bodied young people alike.

Eléonore - Ligue des familles - Elia Fund

Projet Eléonore [Eléonore Project]
(ASBL Ligue des Familles – Ixelles)

When teenagers make an effort to make literature accessible to visually impaired young people, the benefits are twice as great! The sighted youngsters lend their voices to books that have won the Farniente Prize, a youth literary prize organised by the Ligue des Familles and awarded by young people. This gives them a chance to improve their ability to read out loud. Their recordings enable blind youngsters to enjoy stories that are popular among readers their age.

Génération Nouvelle - Elia Fund 

Club « Tous à bord! » ['All Aboard' Club]
(ASBL Génération nouvelle – Soignies)

Génération nouvelle (a non-profit association) doesn't discriminate: everyone can take part in their sporting activities, disabled and able-bodied alike! Led by handicapped young people, the 'All Aboard Club' aims to get people to learn more about others in a fun and sporty way. They organised 'mixed' teams combining people in wheelchairs and able-bodied individuals for the Brussels 20-km race.

Horizon 2000 - Elia Fund 

Les malles aux 1000 sens [The Trunk of a 1000 Senses]
(ASBL Horizon 2000 - Charleroi)

Horizon 2000 is a non-profit association involved in providing information on, communicating about and demystifying the life of handicapped people. By using specially created awareness-raising tools, it removes obstacles and reduces reticence about integrating the disabled.

The Trunk of a 1000 Senses is part of this awareness-raising arsenal and is specifically intended to focus host organisations' efforts on integrating handicapped children.

Avalon - Elia Fund

Boccia and cycling club for individuals with motor handicaps
(Vzw Avalon – Buggenhout)

Avalon (a non-profit association) provides support for individuals suffering from a birth defect, as well as individuals who are mobility impaired due to an accident, illness, tumour or something else. It is involved in building a community housing facility that can house 20 individuals suffering from severe motor handicaps.

As the project progresses, Avalon will set up a boccia club (boccia is a type of pétanque game adapted for handicapped people) and a cycling club for individuals suffering from motor handicaps.

ASBL VFG-Jong - Elia Fund

Kweekvijver voor organisatietalent [Incubator for organisational talent]
(Vzw VFG-Jong Oost Vlaanderen – Gent-Zwijnaarde)

A project for the future: VFG-Jong (a non-profit association) trains supervisors so that they can independently organise free-time activities for handicapped young people. It promises high-quality leisure and fun for handicapped young people.

ASBL Landegem Sport - Elia Fund

BC3 boccia players and their equipment
(Vzw Landegem Sport – Gent-Mariakerke)

The BC3 boccia category brings together athletes with major lower-limb motor disorders. These athletes can use a special accessory to throw the ball and have the support of a helper during the game. Landegem Sport (a non-profit association) aims to develop the equipment this class of players needs to play boccia. Given the chance to use this equipment during training sessions, the athletes will have every chance to excel in the competition!

ASBL Collectif Recherche et Expression - Elia Fund

Equitation à destination des enfants et jeunes sourds [Equestrianism for deaf youngsters]
(ASBL Collectif Recherche et Expression – Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe)

Everyone saddle up! Collectif Recherche et Expression (a non-profit association) makes horse riding accessible to deaf youngsters. Who is better placed to teach them the rudiments of this sport than others who have the same handicap? Deaf individuals who have been trained to teach riding skills will be brought into train the budding riders.

Club de marche Comité 2000 Ename  - Elia Fund

Samen op stap in de Vlaamse Ardennen [Group hike in the Flemish Ardennes]
(Wandelclub Comité 2000 Ename – Oudenaarde)

Hiking brings people together. At least that's the view of the Wandelclub Comité 2000 Ename. Through their project, walking is more than a sport: it is a tool for helping disabled young people meet up! To get to know each other better, the young people are invited to help develop permanent hiking trails.

De Werft - Elia Fund

Toegankelijke cultuur [Accessible culture]
(Cultuurcentrum De Werft – Geel)

The Accessible Culture project is based on the following observation: some groups of people face a series of obstacles that prevents them from taking advantage of cultural activities, specifically those organised by a cultural centre. For the cultural centre in Werft, regulator visitors can help change this state of affairs! By organising a day for exchanging ideas on the topic of accessible culture and calling on the involvement of volunteers, the cultural centre invites everyone to help make its activities accessible to everyone.

Les Rênes de la Vie - Elia Fund 

Show “Le Petit Prince et le Poney Bleu” [The Little Prince and the Blue Pony]
(ASBL Les Rênes de la Vie – La Hulpe)

For more than 25 years, Les Rênes de la Vie (a non-profit association) has been providing a space and time where all children can meet up in the prestigious park around the castle in La Hulpe, on the edge of the Soignes forest. Its latest project involves an equestrian show by and with able-bodied, disabled and mobility-impaired youngsters! Plenty of fun on the horizon for kids on-stage and in the audience.

UZ Gent - Elia Fund

Ogen open en aan de slag! [Eyes open and get to work!]
(UZ Gent – Gent)

UZ Gent takes disabled children on a cultural exploration of Africa. Via specific practical activities, the aim is to get children interested in the features of African culture. What a great way to bring a ray of sunshine into these kids' everyday lives!

 Zit-o-meter - WZC Sint-Antonius - Elia Fund

Het creëren van een 'zit-o-meter' [The 'sit-o-meter']
(WZC Sint-Antonius – Peer)

This original project targets senior citizens: a fitness trail with a series of exercises that can be done sitting. The trail is out in nature, in the area around the Sint Antonius senior citizen care centre in Peer. Of course, the facility is also open to people from outside the centre, encouraging people to meet and talk.