2009 Projects

Commune Léglise - Elia Fund

Accueil en intégration
(Administration communale de Léglise)

The town council of Léglise (in Luxembourg province) wants to include disabled children and teenagers in the holiday camps and leisure activities it organises. Not only that, it wants to focus on what they are interested in. The aim is to make the region's wealth of resources accessible to them while listening to what they are interested in.


De Kangoeroe - Elia Fund 

Mobiel en sportief met de fiets
(De Kangoeroe)

‘De Kangoeroe’, a home help service in Wetteren, helps families with a baby, child, teenager or adult who has – or is at risk of developing - a physical disability. With its ‘Mobile and flexible with the bike trailer’ project, the organisation aims to educate families with young disabled children about the benefits of using a bike trailer.


Badje - Elia Fund

Extra olympiades
(Badje asbl)

Everyone knows about the math, chemistry and other science olympics – but now there are also the 'extra-olympics' organised by Badje (Bruxelles Accueil et développement pour la jeunesse et l’enfance). This is an original way to include disabled children in regular holiday camps.


TreinTramBus - Elia Fund

Groene halte +

2004 marked the start of ‘TreinTramBus’, a Flanders-based movement based on the concept of the ‘Green Stop’. The idea is simple: hikers travel by public transport to Green Stop A, which is the starting point for a special walk. At the end of the walk, they go to Green Stop B where they once again take public transport. Both stops are, as the name implies, called ‘green stops’. This promotes the use of public transport in travel for recreational purposes.  In partnership with De Lijn, Toegangelijkheidsoverleg Vlaanderen and Natuurpunt concept has been expanded to include mobility-impaired individuals.


Ithaka - Elia Fund

PAD (‘Persoonlijke Assistentie bij Dingen die je wil doen’)

Ever heard of PAD? Remember it, because it is a Dutch abbreviation that stands for ‘Personal support for the things you want to do’, a project organised by Ithaca. This Ostend-based association aims to coach mentally disabled individuals in cultural activities, training, sport, courses and workshops in society. This project encourages full citizenship and integration by giving participants the power of 'doing'.


VFG Vlaanderen - Elia Fund

VFG Vlaanderen - Elia Fund 

100% eigen stijl
(VFG-Oost-Vlaanderen et VFG-Jong-Oost-Vlaanderen)

VFG (an association for disabled individuals) is especially active in East Flanders! Proof of this can be seen in the two projects selected by the Elia Fund jury. They both aim to help make mentally handicapped individuals aware of their personal charisma and to coach them so that they are more confident and more active, can get involved in new leisure challenges. Target groups: adults, young people and schoolchildren. 


 Equi Librae - Elia Fund

Equi Librae
(Association pour la Promotion du Sport, l’Animation et les Loisirs)

Balance is something we know all about when it comes to operating the high-voltage grid. And we are well aware of just how hard it can be to maintain! Equi Librae operates in a totally different area, but faces the same challenges. It organises a special day-long sporting event for mobility-impaired young people called 'Les Olympiades de l’Extrêmes'. The aim of the project is to get these young people involved in team activities and to develop a spirit of sharing between disabled and able-bodied individuals. The activities can range from taking a "death ride" to crossing a stretch of water on a raft, making this innovative project a benchmark in the disabled community.
Now that's a challenge!

Vereniging Personen met een Handicap - VFG - Elia Fund

Van buiten naar binnen – creatief-agogisch snoezelen
(Vereniging Personen met een Handicap vzw)

'Snoezelen' sounds great! But creative-agogic snoezelen is even more interesting! That's the approach that Vereniging voor Personen met een Handicap (a non profit association) wants to explore with its ‘Outside In’ project, to teach people with severe mental disabilities to experiment with their living space.


Passe-Muraille - Elia Fund

Musicalité et surdité: Si Tom Sawyer m’était conté, avec les doigts.
(Passe-Muraille asbl)

How can you make music accessible and perceptible to the deaf? Passe-Muraille (French for 'walking through walls') really lives up to its name with this project, which is based on the story of Tom Sawyer translated into French and expressed in sign language by a deaf actor, accompanied by descriptive music. Talk about pushing the boundaries!


Anvasport - Elia Fund

Aangepast skiën voor personen in revalidatie
(Anvasport vzw)

In cooperation with rehabilitation centres, Anvasport organises introductory skiing and snowboarding courses for individuals who are undergoing rehabilitation after becoming paralysed, after an amputation or in the wake of a serious illness resulting in physical disability and impaired mobility. Inclusion and hope through sport!


Spélé-handi - Les petits pas - Elia Fund 

(Les petits pas asbl)

It's best to take a gradual approach when making caving accessible to physically disabled individuals. In other words, Les petits pas (an association whose French name translates roughly as 'one step at a time'), definitely has the right name!

Récréas - Kiten - Elia Fund 

Kiten voor specials
(Recreas watersportclub)

Waterclub Recreas aims to get disabled people to take part in sport and to do so undisturbed and together with others. They fly kites in a way specially designed for mobility-impaired individuals, together with their families. They take two approaches: land and water.


Cap Patrimoine - Elia Fund

'Vas-y au Bois de tes rêves !' Un pas lunaire vers une autonomie tangible
(Cap Patrimoine asbl)

With this project, entitled 'Go to the forest of your dreams! A massive step towards real independence', Cap Patrimoine plans to develop a travelling training course. Designed to be an exploratory path featuring dreams replete with sound and touch in a world of tourists, this training course aims to help disabled individuals become truly independent.

Beach Oudernaarde - Elia Fund

Zitten en toch bewegen met beachvolleybal
(Beach Projects Vlaamse Ardennen)

Just because you're in a wheelchair doesn't mean you can't move around and do sport. That is the firm belief of Beach Projects Vlaamse Ardennen, which organises introductory courses in netball and sitting beach volleyball for individuals with impaired lower limbs. This gives disabled individuals a chance to get involved in modern sports.


 Zin in bos - VBV - Elia Fund

Zin in bos
(Vereniging voor Bos in Vlaanderen)

Accessibility to an interpretative path through the woods for individuals with limited mobility due to accident, illness and/or handicap is provided via the Zin in Bos project, organised by Vereniging voor Bos in Vlaanderen in cooperation with the Witte Kinderbos committee. A powerful project involving full accessibility, a highly participatory process and an interpretative path through the woods.


Avalympics - Elia Fund

Kajak en triatlon voor personen met een beperking

Since 1988, Avalympics (a non-profit association) has been offering mentally disabled children, teenagers and adults a chance to actively take part in the sport of their choice. They offer a wide range of sports: tennis, riding, athletics, swimming, cycling and more. This already extensive list has been further expanded to include kayaking and triathlons, in cooperation with two organisations: Geelse Triatlonclub and Geelse Kajakvaarders. A fine example of cooperation and inclusion!exemple de coopération et d'intégration!


Couleur Café asbl - Elia Fund

A portée de main à l’heure d’aujourd’hui
(Couleur Café asbl)

Couleur Café, a non-profit association, was founded in Malmedy in 2000, bringing together people from various walks of life: social workers, citizens aware of the problems posed by desocialisation, social isolation and exclusion. It develops social links in various ways. With the 'Within reach today' project, it aims to raise awareness about exploring and discovering nature by organising a garden and designing specially modified bicycles.


De Regenboog - Elia Fund

(De regenboog vzw)

For the ‘Doeda’ project De Regenboog (a non-profit association), KVG (Katholieke Vereniging Gehandicapten vzw) and VFG (Vereniging personen met een handicap vzw) have joined forces to encourage disabled individuals and their friends and family to take part in current and future leisure activities on offer in Limburg province. Soon, you can visit www.doeda.be to find out more about original leisure activities for disabled individuals. Organisations and associations that organise leisure activities for disabled individuals can make themselves and their offerings known via the site.


Crie Anlier - Elia Fund 

Animations sensorielles nature
(Centre régional d’initiation à l’environnement de la Forêt d’Anlier asbl)

CRIE de la Forêt d’Anlier seeks to raise awareness, provide information and educate target groups in the region about respecting and protecting the environment, the aim being to ensure sustainable development.
With its 'Sensorial nature activities' project, it will provide schools and families – where the able-bodied and mobility-impaired alike rub shoulders – with sensorial activities in the natural environment.


Theater Tartaar  - Elia Fund

‘Liefde op het eerste gezicht’ (a deconstruction of Orpheus and Eurydice)
(Theater Tartaar vzw)

Theatre and mythology form the foundation for many creative projects. With ‘Love at first sight’, an allusion to the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, Theater Tartaar aims to develop a play about love, based on improvisation by mentally handicapped actors.
A unique approach and method!