2010 projects

 Blindenzorg Licht en Liefde - Elia Fund

Rare snuiters, een prentenboek voor blinden, slechtziende, goedziende en dyslectische kinderen 
(vzw Blindenzorg Licht en Liefde, Jabbeke)

A writing octopus, an allergic sheep and a tapir that thinks it is an elephant are just a few of the characters that can be heard or felt in Rare snuiters, the art and poetry book for children with a physical or mental disability. The driving forces behind this unusual book were visual artist Freya Vlerick, who made this book her final project for her degree, and author Jan Dewitte. 


 Château de Gaasbeek - Elia Fund

Audioguides for the disabled
(Gaasbeek Castle, Lennik-Gaasbeek)

Under the supervision of a director, new audio guides for Gaasbeek Castle have been produced by and for disabled people.
The Gaasbeek Castle Estate is all that remains of Gaasbeek Manor, founded in 1236 by the Duke of Brabant. The museum collection consists of historic artefacts from the 15th and 16th centuries.


  Leuven Bears - Elia Fund

Start to Roll
(Leuven Bears, Leuven-Heverlee)

Through the ‘Start to roll’ fund, The Leuven Bears, a basketball team playing in the Ethias League, wants to give people with a motor disability the chance to see how they get on playing wheelchair basketball, whether competitively or for fun. Sports wheelchairs will be bought, beginners’ courses will be set up and an information and awareness campaign will be launched.


 1001 repères - Kindermuseum - Elia Fund

1001 Landmarks
(Children's Museum, Brussels)

How do you best find your ‘own way’ in life? Which route should you choose when the path you are taking has lots of crossroads, side-paths and tracks taking you in the wrong direction? With the new ‘1001 Landmarks’ exhibition, the Children’s Museum in Brussels aims to provide guidance to children (between 3 and 12 years old) as they move towards adulthood. As part of this initiative, the museum plans to adapt its programme of entertainment and activities to the needs of the deaf and hard of hearing. 


 Anvasport - Elia Fund

In een rolstoel op de latten
(vzw Anvasport, Melle)

Anvasport gives disabled people the opportunity to participate in sporting activities in a protected environment, to help them integrate and improve their general fitness. In cooperation with rehabilitation centres, Anvasport organises beginners’ classes in skiing and snowboarding for individuals recovering from paralysis or following an amputation or serious illness resulting in a physical disability and reduced mobility. The emphasis here is not on competition, but on experiencing and enjoying.


 Nema - Elia Fund

Leren door doen
(vzw Nema, Melle)

Nema is a patients’ association/self-help group that since 1987 has been working to improve the general welfare of people with a neuromuscular disease (NMD) or a muscle disease. The organisation runs a programme of family weekends and youth camps to teach and encourage young disabled people to broaden their horizons and develop into independent, self-assured young adults.

  Oeuvre Nationale des Aveugles - Elia Fund

Contact Improvisation pour personnes déficientes visuelles
(Oeuvre Nationale des Aveugles (ONA asbl))

Contact Improvisation is a form of contact movement based on contact with others and oneself with a view to better defining one’s relationship with the world. Following an initial one-day session that was very well received, ONA is planning to organise an annual cycle of monthly workshops for partially sighted people with a view in the longer term to promoting their integration.


 Avalympics - Elia Fund

Contact Improvisation pour personnes déficientes visuelles
(Oeuvre Nationale des Aveugles (ONA asbl))

Contact Improvisation is a form of contact movement based on contact with others and oneself with a view to better defining one’s relationship with the world. Following an initial one-day session that was very well received, ONA is planning to organise an annual cycle of monthly workshops for partially sighted people with a view in the longer term to promoting their integration.


  Handicyclos - Latitude Junior - Elia Fund

(asbl Latitude Junior, Liège)

The aim of Handicyclos is to enable children and young people with various disabilities to do some beginners’ cycling and learn to use and even master riding a bike or a specially adapted bike so that they can participate in enjoyable cycle rides for children and young people with or without a disability. Some young people learn to use their own bike – under appropriate supervision – to discover places outside their local area.


Art et Marges - Elia Fund 

Art 'without margins'
(Art&Marges Museum, Brussels)

The Art&Marges Museum exhibits and supports artists operating outside the official art circuit. The permanent collection, consisting exclusively of gifts, numbers well over 2,500 works from Belgian and foreign artists. Psychiatric patients, disabled or isolated people, less well-known artists are just some of the groups that fit perfectly into the philosophy of the museum, which aims to become a forum for art ‘without margins’.


Badje - Elia Fund 

Tous artistes!
(Badje asbl, Saint-Gillis)

Through the Tous artistes! (‘All artists’) project, the Badje association (Bruxelles Accueil et Développement pour la Jeunesse et l’Enfance) seeks to stimulate children’s creativity in a group, based on artistic projects.
The prize for this creative project is now the third that the Brussels non-profit association has won.


 Jugendtreff - Elia Fund

Ein kreativ Workshop für jedermann
(Jugendtreff Inside, Raeren-Eynatten)

Jugendtreff Inside, in partnership with existing organisations and associations, will lay on a creative workshop for disabled and able-bodied young people in a village with a view to improving the social integration of young people with a disability.


  La Clairière - Elia Fund

Nous aussi sur la Petite Reine
(asbl La Clairière, Watermael-Boitsfort)

The La Clairière institute aims to contribute to our general development and welfare, while showing respect for everyone’s differences and needs. The Elia Fund is rewarding the non-profit association’s initiative to organise city cycle trips for mentally disabled children enabling them to spend a relaxed day together.


  Katholieke vereniging voor Gehandicapten - Elia Fund

Fietsproject in de noordrand Brussel en Pajottenland
(Katholieke vereniging voor Gehandicapten, Antwerp)

The Katholieke vereniging voor Gehandicapten (KVG), Belgium’s biggest organisation for people with a disability, provides a cycle hire service for people with reduced mobility. The association also maps out cycle routes and cycle trips. Resources from the Elia Fund will be used to purchase the appropriate bikes.


  De Kerselaar - Elia Fund

Het uur dat we niets van elkaar wisten
(De Kerselaar vzw, Overijse)

The play 'Het uur dat we niets van elkaar wisten' (‘The hour we knew nothing about each other’) is performed by actors with a mental disability. All the actors come from ‘De Kerselaar’, an autonomous, small-scale residential facility for people with a disability. It accommodates, supports and cares for 50 adults, many of them from the Druivenstreek. This project is being run in cooperation with partners including the Mechelen theatre group ‘De Maan’.


 Het Huis van Alijn - Elia Fund

House of Alijn
(Het huis van Alijn vzw, Ghent)

The House of Alijn in Ghent is the only museum in Flanders that uses artefacts, film and stories to give an everyday perspective on life in the 20th century.
With the support of the Elia Fund, The House of Alijn will adapt its website (speech and braille) and the museum itself to meet the needs of visually disabled people. This project is being run in cooperation with the City of Ghent.


  Renaissance asbl - Elia Fund

La troupe des "Décompressez-nous" en Action!
(Renaissance ASBL, Braine-l'Alleud)

'Nine adult cerebral-palsy sufferers take to the stage in an 'action theatre' show in which the audience can become the performers': this is the full title of a project that enables adult residents who suffer from cerebral palsy the chance to discover the action-theatre technique. By creating a play, the residents give their views on issues related to a greater or lesser extent to their difficulties and make the switch from an audience member to creator/author.


KMKG - MRAH - Elia Fund 

‘Quand le corps se fait parure’ exhibition
(Musées Royaux d’Art et d’Histoire, Brussels)

The Brussels museums that are part of the Musées Royaux d’Art et d’Histoire – the Cinquantenaire Museum, the Musical Instruments Museum, the Museums of the Far East and Porte de Hal – are joining forces to put together an exhibition for partially sighted people. Some 30 jewellery items have been selected, which only disabled people will be allowed to touch during hands-on tours led by the museum staff.


 De Horizon - Elia Fund

Iedereen fietst!
(BSBO De Horizon, Aalst)

The Iedereen fietst! (‘Everyone’s cycling!’) project of the Aalst special school ‘De Horizon’ teaches children with moderate and serious disabilities to ride a bike. Learning to cycle can help the children to broaden their horizons. Following an initial induction, the lessons take place outside school and aim to create a long-term impact, both in terms of the children’s mobility and how they spend their free time.

Cothan - Elia Fund 

Les enfants de Cothan partent à la pêche en mer
(Cothan, Charleroi-Gosselies)

Children aged 3 to 8 suffering from motor pathologies are given the chance to go on educational school trips to the seaside and try out fishing in the sea. The project is designed to provide a release from the difficulties of living with a disability by enabling children from different backgrounds to combine fun cultural and sporting activities with discovery of new horizons. The project also consolidates the whole year’s teaching and gives the children the opportunity to enjoy a sense of independence.