2011 Projects

Ik adem dus ik ben - Elia Fund 

“Ik adem dus ik ben” 
(Vereniging personen met een handicap (VFG))

The idea behind this project, “I breathe, therefore I am”, was to give people with a special disability a taste of the limelight on stage. With professional coaching, a group of youngsters produced a dance performance and a comic video. The project resulted in a truly special show and was a great example of inclusion. The première took place during the 14-day “Gelijke Kansen” (equal opportunities) event in Brussels.


Kreative Werkstatt - Elia Fund

 Muziek, dans en creativiteit voor iedereen!
(Kreative Werkstatt)

The creative German-language workshop Kreative Werkstatt in Bullange opens doors to creativity, dance and music for anyone! Courses will be organised for able-bodied individuals as well as persons with reduced mobility. A unique opportunity to mingle and share a great experience…

Vocopstap - Elia Fund

 Toneel de Kloef
(Vrijetijdsondersteuningscentra (VOC) Opstap – De Kloef)

Every four years marks the start of an intense period for the members of De Kloef from Tielt. After lengthy preparations and rehearsals, in 2012 they will again stage a top play. The group’s members may have learning difficulties, but this certainly does not prevent them from putting their impressive acting talents on show!


Sjarabang - Elia Fund

Proeven van kunst en cultuur
(VZW Sjarabang)

Art is a perfect medium for creative people – with or without a handicap – to meet each other. Disabled people are often highly creative, so the non-profit association Sjarabang sets out to spotlight what they can do, rather than focussing on their limitations. The members of the association can participate in art workshops and seminars. In this way, Sjarabang hopes to contribute towards a tolerant, open society in which everyone feels they have their place.


Begleitzentrum Griesdeck - Elia Fund

Vrijetijdsbesteding voor iedereen
(Begleitzentrum Griesdeck)

We all enjoy having a fun hobby that enables us to just be ourselves. And naturally, people with a mental, motor or sensory handicap are entitled to the same enjoyable experience. Begleitzentrum Griesdeck, a support centre, helps them by raising the awareness of people in charge of or organising leisure activities and making them more willing to actively involve disabled people.

Association des Sourds et Malentendants du Tournaisis - Elia Fund 

Quatro avec Tibou
(ASBL Association des Sourds et Malentendants du Tournaisis)

What better way to bring together people of all ages around the same table than a cleverly designed board game that is real fun to play? And what if deaf and hearing players could be brought together to play at the same time? That’s the great idea developed by the non-profit Tournais Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ASMT). A game that’s definitely worth playing!


FFSB - Fédération Francophone des Sourds de Belgique - Elia Fund

Museum Magritte with a video guide
(Fédération Francophone des Sourds de Belgique)

Art may be a universal language, but the venues where it is exhibited are not always accessible to everyone. This is a problem that the team from the Federation of French-speaking Deaf People in Belgium (FFSB) has taken up. Accordingly, a video guide in French-speaking, Dutch and international sign language, including optional subtitles, will be developed for Belgian or foreign visitors to the museum, making Belgian surrealism accessible to all! 


Horizont VZW - Elia Fund

Samen bergen overwinnen
(Horizont VZW)

Booking a holiday is no easy task for people with a limited budget. The non-profit association Horizont VZW helps them by providing affordable recreational activities. Every two years, the association organises a cycling tour through hilly terrain outside Belgium. This takes a great deal of preparation and often the material needs are not exactly cheap either. The Elia Fund deems this tour a great example of solidarity and is more than happy to contribute and help to make it happen.


Netwerk Art Aalst - Elia Fund

Netwerk Aalst
(Centrum voor hedendaagse kunst)

Netwerk, the centre for contemporary art in the city of Aalst, is keen to highlight the latest developments in art and explain them to the broadest possible public. Helped by professional artists, mentally disabled youngsters can showcase their creative talents in one of a series of workshops.  


Génération Nouvelle - Tous à bord - Elia Fund 

Tous à bord
(ASBL Génération Nouvelle)

Back in 2008, the Soignies-based Club Tous à bord ! grabbed the attention of the Elia Fund jury. What was so original about it? It was run by young disabled people who shared a common aim: to convey what their daily lives were like to able-bodied people, through sport and play. And their enthusiasm was catching!

Ciné-ma différence - Plaza Art - Elia Fund 

Ciné-ma différence
(Centre de Diffusion Cinématographique Montois)

How magical the world of film is! Icons of the silver screen constantly leave us with stars in our eyes, but for families who take the risk of taking a disabled adult, youngster or child to the pictures, it’s not always the relaxed, enjoyable experience it ought to be. At the first inappropriate burst of applause, ‘bizarre’ noise or laughter, aggressive or pitying looks and remarks often quickly force them to leave the cinema. To combat such exclusion, Plaza Art, a cinema in the heart of Mons, is opening its doors to people with autism, multiple handicaps or a handicap and behavioural difficulties by setting up an original film club specifically for such people. 


 Cinetik - Elia Fund

Comment sonne mon handicap ?
(ASBL Cinetik)

Getting disabled people to take control of their voice and spend time listening to themselves to free themselves. That’s what the radiophonic discovery workshop for disabled children aged 6 to 12 run by the non-profit association Cinetik is all about. The workshop is an original alternative for channelling people’s creativity and helping them find their way.


De Stroom - Elia Fund

Outdoor: beperkt!?
(VZW De Stroom)

How we spend our free time is one thing that determines our quality of life. And disabled people are just as entitled as anyone else to meet others, have fun and do the things they want to do. The project “Outdoors: with limitations!?” sets out to overcome constraints on outdoor activities for people with learning difficulties.


Badje - Elia Fund

Let's go to youth day camps!
(ASBL Badje)

Each year, hundreds of kids flock to youth day camps to keep active, have fun and meet other kids under the supervision of motivated camp leaders. The non-profit Brussels-based youth association Badje (Bruxelles Accueil et Développement pour la Jeunesse et l’Enfance), which the Elia Fund first encountered in 2008, sets out to give disabled children an alternative to staying at home during the holidays, offering their parents an extracurricular facility tailored to their specific needs. This gives them an opportunity to make new friends at the youth day camps that open their doors to them.


Force Douce - Elia Fund

La voile dans un fauteuil
(ForceDouce ASBL)

Promoting solidarity and team spirit with a view to facilitating the social integration of youngsters who have had a tough time of it in life is the primary aim of the Brussels-based non-profit association ForceDouce. Specifically, competitive sailing gives such youngsters an opportunity to dig deep and harness positive energy to confront the power of the sea and of life. Financial aid from the Fund is going towards the construction of a new custom-built boat, giving all youngsters a chance to enjoy a life on the ocean waves.


Sperwer - Elia Fund

Personen met een beperking op de planken
(VZW Sperwer)

The non-profit association Sperwer provides disabled adults with home and job support and also help with leisure activities. With respect to the latter, the association runs an inclusive theatre group, where a number of disadvantaged groups from Lokeren and the surrounding area appear on stage alongside disabled individuals. The Elia Fund admires the simplicity and directness of this project.


G-Seppe - Elia Fund

Therapie op een paardenrug
(G-Seppe VZW)

Hippotherapy can have a healing effect, especially for people with a disability. Encountering a horse, coming into contact with it, riding it and enjoying the physical sensation of its motion all have a positive effect. An additional benefit is that the riders view the experience as fun, not therapy.


Handicum - Elia Fund 

Kapitein op eigen schip
(Vormingscentrum Handicum)

Many disabled people are very talented, but do not always have the tools required to develop them. So the Handicum training centre in Assenede has designed the course “Captain your own ship” specially for such individuals, to encourage the disabled to discover and develop their talents.


Passe-Muraille - Elia Fund

La couleur des Sens
(ASBL Passe Muraille)

There is already a long history between the non-profit association Passe Muraille and the Elia Fund. Supported in 2006 and 2009, the Mons-based association is back in 2011 with a quite literally colourful project, a ‘blind painting’ workshop inviting everyone to embark, blindfold, on an introductory journey of discovery of their own senses. Once again, Passe Muraille is changing the way people look at disabilities by making the general public the focus of the action.


Atelier Graphoui - Elia Fund 

Imaginaire du Monstre
(ASBL Atelier Graphoui)

The Brussels-based workshop Atelier Graphoui is a veritable laboratory of sounds and images that has been active in audiovisual production and training since 1979. The workshop Imaginaire du monstre (The monster’s world) is open to all, but aimed primarily at the partially sighted. By together exploring the imaginary worlds of monsters, making images, turning them into moving images and creating worlds of sound, the participants will make an animated film. That film will subsequently be reworked using media designed to make them accessible to everybody. Quiet on the set, and action!


ViaActive - Elia Fund 

(ASBL Sports Seniors)

The elderly are a target group that is often neglected when it comes to ensuring that everyone has access to leisure pursuits. The non-profit association Sports Seniors has duly taken note of this and trains specialist sports instructors and managers with a view to guaranteeing older people access to sporting activities within their potential, coordinating the activities of its 14 societies and 550 clubs in Belgium’s French-speaking Community. The Viactive programme, which was developed in Quebec, gives older people a chance to grow (re)accustomed to engaging in a healthy physical activity. There are two parts to the programme: a joint, group part, implemented with the help of specially trained volunteers, and an individual part, enabling each participant to continue the activity when back at home.


De Jojo - Elia Fund 

Low-budget zomerkampen
(De Jojo)

The youth movement De Jojo gives young people with a mental handicap or multiple disabilities a chance to really indulge themselves every month. And once a year it tops this off with a summer camp, all at an affordable price. The Elia Fund supports De Jojo’s procurement of durable care equipment.


NTGent - Elia Fund 

NTGent overbrugt drempels

In noisy environments, the hard-of-hearing struggle to understand what other people are saying. But the NTGent theatre has found just the ticket for dealing with this! A loop line system enables anyone with hearing difficulties to listen to a sound source free of interference from background noise. Anyone with a hearing aid can use this wireless system free of charge and enjoy the theatre’s plays just as much as the rest of the audience.


St Margaretha - Elia Fund 

IJspret voor iedereen
(St Margaretha VZW)

The St Margaretha rest and care hom20120823-halfyearresultse in Holsbeek was founded in the early twentieth century, but is still brimming with refreshing new ideas. In this project, older wheelchair users, primary school kids and undergraduates all take to the ice together to have a fun time skating.