2012 Projects


Audio-description : des événements sportifs et culturels pour tous !
(ASBL Plain-Pied)

Broadcasting live to visually impaired people, not only providing them with practical information about what is going on at a cultural or sporting event, but also conveying to them the feeling and atmosphere of the spectacle... That's the role of the audio-description service run by Namur-based non-profit association Plain-Pied, which specialises in pedestrian accessibility and mobility. And it's no mean feat for our commentators, who have to be able not only to convey the ambiance at an event and the little nuances which have the spectators in stitches, but also to describe the ongoing action down to the finest detail.

This project will focus on commentary and audio-description for football matches to give everyone the chance to join in the supporters' chants and Mexican waves accompanying the action on the pitch!



Jardin potager communautaire à Saint-Gilles
(ASBL Gratte)

Since 1986, the non-profit association Gratte Bruxelles has been working to encourage mentally disabled young people and their non-disabled counterparts to spend time together via a range of activities such as trips, training courses, scrapbooking, cookery and sport.

The association's latest project is one to cultivate and work a community garden in the Saint-Gilles district of Brussels, in partnership with local associations and residents of the social housing schemes in the areas where the land is located. A great concept that will foster inclusion for all!


Oeuvre Nationale des Aveugles ONA

Atelier de création de livres tactiles
(Œuvre Nationale des Aveugles, ONA)

The ONA, which celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2012, scarcely needs any introduction. One of its many initiatives over the years was to set up a special library of books and albums in formats adapted for use by the visually impaired (e.g. Braille, large print) and a toy library.

In response to considerable public demand, the aim of the latest project by the ONA's book and toy libraries is to organise a workshop for creating tactile albums. Much more than just a book, a tactile book uses materials and textures to tell a story through sensations as well as words, and can be particularly helpful for visually impaired children. With this project het ONA also meets the needs of the public.



Sports canins pour tous
(ASBL Os'mose)

At Os'mose, it's all about the deep and long-lasting relationships which develop between two very particular partners: dogs and their owners. The association therefore provides a range of services and activities such as guide-dog and stimulation-dog training, dog-centred events for vulnerable groups and various courses at its kennel club in Tilff in the province of Liège.

The club caters for everyone, both able-bodied and disabled. It has tarmac surfaces and can thus accommodate wheelchair handlers, and lessons in treibball (a dog sport in which dogs must drive large exercise balls to their handlers) will be coming soon. Treibball is ideal for people with reduced mobility and mentally disabled children, and is an excellent opportunity for dogs and handlers to work together and deepen their special bond.


Centre d'écologie urbaine

L'écologie urbaine accessible à tous
(Centre d'écologie urbaine)

The Urban Ecology Centre in Brussels offers a range of innovative ecology-themed activities which seek to establish projects in urban areas to reduce damage to and enhance protection of the environment and of society as a whole.

The centre's latest project aims to get people with reduced mobility involved in urban reform. Its goal is to prevent them becoming isolated and marginalised from mainstream society by organising a regular programme of free gardening workshops. The project will give residents of local care homes the opportunity to become involved in an ongoing programme of recreational and productive activities in their immediate environment and to play an integral role in the life of the Urban Ecology Centre and its vegetable garden.



Le Kaléïdoson partagé

The kaleidoson is a somewhat obscure instrument but one that anybody can play! An electroacoustic instrument sometimes likened to a laser harp, the kaleidoson produces sound whenever there is any movement across a beam of light. The human body thus becomes an instrument by which to communicate and produce sound.

The aim of this particular project is to design and create a new kaleidoson which, via partnership agreements, could be installed free for a period of several months a year in various organisations such as social-welfare and healthcare institutions, youth centres, drop-in centres (services d'Aide en Milieu Ouvert, AMO), schools and so forth. The ultimate objective is to make music accessible to everyone by giving all those who want to the opportunity to make music regardless of their physical, mental, psychological and social capabilities.

Service Citoyen

De la citoyenneté en marge à la citoyenneté en marche !
(Plateforme pour le Service Citoyen)

The Plateforme pour le Service Citoyen brings together over 100 organisations and countless supporters all focussed on one common goal: to create a Citizens' Service for young people aged 18-25 in Belgium.

The platform gives young people a chance to help people with reduced mobility of all ages to participate actively in events and festivals. Focussing on more than just accessibility, the project provides disabled people with a role and place in areas where people meet and socialise, enabling them to find their place and be recognised as citizens playing a full and active - indeed proactive - role in organising such events.


Murga: muziek en dans doorbreken grenzen
(De Kerselaar vzw)

So what's a murga? Well, it's a modern neighbourhood festival centred around music, dance, folklore, costumes, writing and more.

The murga originated in Argentina and has now become an established Flanders tradition. However, the Overijse murga is geared towards both disabled and able-bodied people and is an opportunity for anyone and everyone to give free rein to their talents under professional guidance. The goal? To bring people together and break down barriers through music and dance. De Kerselaar is hoping to be able to stage its own murga in Druivenstoet next year.


Koninklijke Stade Leuven Tennis Club

In iedereen schuilt een Kim Clijsters of een Justine Henin!
(Koninklijke Stade Leuven Tennis Club)

The success achieved by Belgium's tennis stars appeals to everyone's imagination, including people with disabilities. The Koninklijke Stade Leuven Tennis Club is therefore keen to broaden the range of services it offers in connection with adapted tennis.

The club wants to gradually move towards staging an annual event. The interactive Meet-Greet-Play Event is an opportunity for wheelchair-tennis players to demonstrate their skills to and share their love of tennis with family, friends, fellow club members and supporters. For people with learning disabilities, the club is looking to introduce a programme of afternoon games, the Winter-Wedstrijd-Happening. Everyone is welcome to come and support this event too.



In eigen woorden!

The Ghent-based Thuisbegeleidingsdienst Sint-Lievenspoort has been providing support to the deaf and hard-of-hearing since 1988.

The association is currently developing a special game to encourage inclusion and interaction. The aim of the game is for all players to engage in conversation with each other about their personal knowledge and experience of hearing and not hearing, communicating in a speaking and hearing world, using hearing aids, sign language and cultural differences.



Een wereld van verschil
(KU Leuven - Faculteit Sociale Wetenschappen, CADIN)

From 11-15 March 2013, Leuven will be hosting the third DisABILITY Filmfestival, the theme of which will be Worlds of Difference.

The programme of events comprises films about and featuring people with a disability, as well as a photographic exhibition showcasing the work of photographers with a visual impairment. The DisABILITY Filmfestival is thus keen to help promote greater emancipation of disabled people and their more active participation and inclusion in society.

 Koor en Stem

(Koor&Stem vzw)

Koor&Stem works to develop social and artistic processes in choral singing, run the group-singing network and promote singing in general in Flanders.

The association's Hearts in Harmony project aims to enable both disabled and able-bodied people to discover the world of singing together. Through singing together, it hopes to unite people in a creative and musical way and in so doing ensure that disabled people are not isolated.


Belgian Handflight Fund

In vogelvlucht
(Belgian Handflight Fund - fonds géré par la Fondation Roi Baudouin)

Who hasn't dreamed of being able to fly? The Sabena Aeroclub in Grimbergen and the Belgian Handflight Fund are joining forces to make this dream come true for disabled trainee pilots in the Brussels region.

So how do they plan to do this? Well, by adapting the manual controls of an instructional pleasure aircraft (a Piper P28A) and making the flying club more accessible to disabled pilots. They are also planning to offer a Handflight PPL scholarship, which they believe will help to break down barriers.



On the road
(Sjarabang vzw)

'Sjarabang' is an arts platform geared primarily towards people with learning disabilities. 'Sjarabang' is a term used in the Mechelen area and is a corruption of the French 'char-à-bancs' denoting a wide wagon with benches and, in this case, a company of actors. A fitting starting point for the new all-round show entitled 'Le nouveau Sjarabang est arrivé'.

A wagon serves as a mobile stage, from which benches for the audience are miraculously conjured up. So, all aboard - let the show begin!


Ter Bruyninge

Met z'n allen de fiets op!
(SBSO Ter Bruyninge)

For an entire academic year, the pupils of the special Ter Bruyninge secondary school in Marke are immersing themselves completely in all things bicycle-related: learning to ride them, repairing them and tinkering with them as well as road-safety, cycling day trips, the importance of healthy eating, orientation and getting to know the local area are all on the agenda.

Cycling is being promoted as an active and enjoyable hobby and as a long-term and pleasant alternative to cars and public transport.


Op schattenjacht
(Vlaamse Federatie voor sport en recreatie in de geestelijke gezondheidszorg - Psylos)

A hearty helping of wild nature, seasoned with a treasure hunt, all served on a bed of GPS... That's geocaching, an exciting sporting activity now also being offered by the Vlaamse Federatie voor sport en recreatie in de geestelijke gezondheidszorg (Psylos).

Teamwork, adventure, endurance, concentration and a little bit of luck are all required for a successful geocaching expedition, a goal which is extremely important for Psylos members. The concept is also an ideal way of getting moving, finding one's way again - sometimes quite literally - in the big wide world and discovering some amusing things, often right under your nose.

Open Thuis Limburg

Boer wat zeg je van... Prisma?
(Open Thuis Limburg)

Whilst in the traditional Dutch children's song chickens were the name of the game, for Open Thuis Limburg's its new Prisma club is all about creating an innovative recreational activity in an agricultural environment geared specifically towards adults with severe disabilities.

Each week, 15 adults with disabilities experience what it's like to be a farmer (caring for the animals, tending the vegetable garden, doing odd jobs, etc.) through activities tailored to their own individual interests and abilities.


Samen duurzaam mobieler

Working together (SAMEN), promoting sustainability by recycling and converting bicycles and/or using them for spare parts (DUURZAAM), and reducing the number of cars on the road through providing more adapted bicycles for and by people with disabilities (MOBIELER). These are the underlying principles of a new project coordinated by Zonnehoeve|Living+.

The Zonnehoeve|Living+ cycling workshop aims to teach people with disabilities how to maintain a bicycle through recycling and adapting bicycles at the workshop to individuals' specific needs. Disabled people can also learn how to ride a bicycle on our beautiful, green site. In fact, a cycling safety course will soon be introduced.



BMX voor personen met een beperking, een uitdaging!
(Avalympics vzw)

Since 1988, Avalympics has been offering children, young people and adults with learning disabilities the opportunity to become actively involved in a sport of their choice.

In 2013, BMX 2000 Dessel will be hosting the finals of the European BMX Championships. The association contacted Avalympics vzw because it was keen to open each of the three days of competition with a course for BMX riders with learning or motor disabilities, the aim being not only to provide a challenge for a group of riders but also to ensure the project's long-term future.



In een rolstoel op de latten
(vzw Anvasport)

Imagine what it must be like to be a young person going through a long period of rehabilitation following an illness or accident, perhaps having also to cope with a lasting disability as a result. Anvasport's goal is to ensure that once you have recovered, you don't fall into limbo. On the contrary, its aim is to help you make a fresh start in your new life with the support of your family and friends.

Working in partnership with rehabilitation centres, Anvasport organises skiing and snowboarding initiatives for people undergoing rehabilitation following paralysis, amputation, or serious illness, and who thus have physical disabilities and reduced mobility. The project's emphasis is not on competition but on enjoying the experience.


Begleitzentrum Griesdeck 

Ik ga op reis en ik neem mee...
(Begleitzentrum Griesdeck)

A mental, motor or sensory disability shouldn't be a barrier to enjoying a pleasant outing. Begleitzentrum Griesdeck helps people with these kinds of disabilities by raising awareness in the tourism sector and encouraging it to make establishments, attractions and activities more accessible.

Woonzorgcentrum Releghem 

Café Dansant
(Woonzorgcentrum Releghem)

The Woonzorgcentrum Releghem cares primarily for elderly residents. The centre plans to open a café where residents can dance and sing, and where a barrel organ and a nice drink will help to evoke memories of times gone by. Residents, family members, friends and even neighbours are all welcome to come and join in the fun.



Pure verwennerij
(Dominiek Savio Instituut vzw)

Wellness is hot, hip and most of all... good for us!

With this in mind, the Dominiek Savio Instituut is keen to give children, young people and adults with serious multiple disabilities the opportunity to get in on the wellness bug through 'Senseo' swimming, a perfect recreational activity that can be tailored to individual requirements. Water, light and music all combine to create a pleasant ambiance.


Katholieke Vereniging Gehandicapten Deinze 

Kom erbij... en dans!
(Katholieke Vereniging Gehandicapten Deinze)

De Nieuwe Maan, the café for people with a mild degree of mental disability is looking to expand its DJ set.

De Nieuwe Maan is an initiative by the Deinze-based Katholieke Vereniging Gehandicapten, which was keen to create a social support facility for people with a mild degree of mental disability for whom a normal social life is somewhat less accessible. The café offers a pleasant atmosphere, a drink from the bar included in the entrance fee, a DJ set where customers can play songs themselves via a rota system, an opportunity to chat and disco lights to create the dance-floor ambiance.

This is a successful project for which the association will be able to make great use of extra equipment, for example to expand its DJ set.