EU Network Codes

To comply with the European Network Codes, Elia is required to publish the (non-confidential) terms and conditions or methodologies that have been established as part of the EU network Codes and approved by the competent regulatory authorities (or if no such approval is required, to publish them after their establishment) . These terms and conditions or methodologies are hereunder listed, structured per Network Code. More information on the implementation of the EU Network Codes can be found here.

Connection Codes:

Market Codes:

  • Capacity Allocation & Congestion Management (CACM)



Reference NC Art.

Decision date


Capacity calculation

Determination of capacity calculation regions

Art. 15(1)

17 November 2016

Decision of the ACER on the electricity Transmission System Operators' proposal for the determination of Capacity Calculation Regions (CCRs)


Annex 1: Definition of the Capacity Calculation Regions (CCRs)

Annex 2: Evaluation of responses to the public Consultation on the CCRs Proposal


Annex 3: Evaluation of responses to the NRA and TSO consultation on the preliminary draft Agency Decision on the CCRs Proposal

Annex 4: Technical justification document for the inclusion of the border between DE/LU/AT in the deternmination of CCRs


Annex 5: Opinion of the ACER on the compliance of national regulatory authorities decisions on allocation of cross-border transmission capacity in CE Europe and management of available transfer capacity of interconnections

Common Grid Model

Generation and Load Data Provision Methodology

Art. 16(1)

12 January 2017

All TSOs’ proposal for a generation and load data provision methodology

Common Grid Model

Art. 17(1)

18 May 2017

All TSOs’ proposal for a common grid model methodology


Day Ahead Firmness Deadline

Art. 69

15 June 2017

All TSOs’ proposal for the day-ahead firmness deadline (DAFD) 


MNA Proposal

Art. 45 & 57

22 December 2016

Proposal for Multiple NEMO Arrangements (MNA) for the Belgian bidding zone 
  • Forward Capacity Allocation (FCA)
  • Electricity Balancing (EB)

Operational Codes:

  • System Operation Guideline (SO GL)
  • Emergency & Restoration (E&R)