Grid data

With a view to transparency, Elia is providing a set of data about the Belgian electricity market.

Elia is doing its bit to ensure that the European electricity market is transparent and harmonious by publishing details about the Belgian electricity market. This is also in line with its legal obligations, because an EU directive provides for the publication of information on the electricity market in Belgium. For more information, see Transparency of data on the electricity market.

Compare the forecasts and actual consumption of electricity on the  Load forecast and consumption page. The information on production is available at Generation.

The Belgian power grid is part of an interconnected network extending from Portugal to Poland. All the information on Interconnections is provided at  Interconnections. To maintain the balance between production and consumption within its grid, Elia can activate a series of balancing mechanisms. To find out more, see Balancing.

The grid has to evolve constantly if it is to meet impending challenges. Elia’s future investments are set out in development plans. An overview of the future grid is given at Grid Development.

Some of the energy transmitted within a high-voltage grid dissipates in the form of heat, by either natural ventilation or forced cooling, prompting so-called electrical losses. These losses are measured. For more information, see Electrical losses on the federal transmission network.

Finally, a useful series of lists and codes is provided at Lists and codes.

All transparency data on the Elia website are time tagged using CET / CEST time.