Imbalance prices

An imbalance price is applied if an imbalance is found between injections and offtakes in an Access Responsible Party’s balance area.

Imbalance price indicator and validated imbalance price
When the imbalance prices are published at the quarter-hour notice they are not yet validated and thus can only be used as an indication for the imbalance price. Only after validation of the prices, the published prices can be used for invoicing purposes.


New: Strategic Reserve

Important disclaimer: When a strategic reserve volume is activated that is bigger than 0 MW, the columns alpha, MIP and MDP are not used for the calculation of the imbalance prices (POS and NEG), when an activation of strategic reserve is on-going and the activated volume is bigger than 0 MW. Prices will be displayed in red during an SR activation. To understand the exact formula behind the calculus of the imbalance prices during an SR activation, please consult §6.7.2 of the Functioning Rules.




As of 01/10/2012, Elia participates in IGCC (International Grid Control Cooperation). The exchanged volumes and prices will be published on the page Using regulation capacity. Click here to learn more about the balancing mechanism.



With effect from 29 June 2012 on, a downwards activation of the emergency contract at the request of Elia is reflected in the imbalance prices at the minimum of -100 €/MWh and the contractual activation price. Click here to learn more about this decision and the balancing mechanism.

History imbalance price data

Daily imbalance price data

Non validated data for 21/02/2018

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Quarter NRV (MW) SI (MW) α (€/MWh) MIP (€/MWh) MDP (€/MWh) SR (€/MWh) SI < -I C(MW) POS (€/MWh) NEG (€/MWh)
00:00 > 00:15 -173,415  215,246  1,46  0,00  28,67 27,21 28,67
00:15 > 00:30 -159,906  146,673  1,48  48,67  28,67 27,19 28,67
00:30 > 00:45 -39,281  57,224  0,00  48,67  28,67 28,67 28,67
00:45 > 01:00 14,964  -22,396  0,00  48,67  28,67 48,67 48,67
01:00 > 01:15 -28,005  76,825  0,00  48,67  28,67 28,67 28,67
01:15 > 01:30 -24,382  32,190  0,00  48,67  28,67 28,67 28,67
01:30 > 01:45 -73,767  84,369  0,00  48,67  28,67 28,67 28,67
01:45 > 02:00 70,046  -61,445  0,00  48,67  28,67 48,67 48,67


Using nominations and measurement data, Elia monitors all access responsible parties (ARPs) to make sure they comply with their quarter-hourly balance obligation.

A tariff for balancing energy (or ‘imbalance price’) is applied when an imbalance between injections and offtakes is found in an ARP’s balance area. Click here for more information on the calculation of imbalance prices.


NRV (Net Regulation Volume)

the net regulation volume is calculated for each quarter-hour using the difference between the sum of the volumes of all upward regulations and the sum of the volumes of all downward regulations requested by Elia

SI (System Imbalance)

the system imbalance is calculated for each quarter-hour using the difference between the Area Control Error (ACE) and the NRV


additional incentive applied on top of the regulation costs in cases of major system imbalances.


the highest price paid by Elia for upward regulation during the quarter-hour in question


the lowest price received by Elia for downward regulation during the quarter-hour in question


tariff applicable for a positive imbalance


tariff applicable for a negative imbalance


Strategic Reserve price when there is an volume of Strategic Reserve activated in the system >= 0MW

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