Unavailability on the federal transmission grid (380/220 kV)

This page provides information about periods of scheduled, unscheduled and actual unavailability on the 380/220 kV grid.

The tables below list the periods of scheduled, unscheduled and actual unavailability of components on the Belgian high-voltage grid that influence the calculation of import and export capacity over the interconnections.

The data in the tables are indicative and based on bilateral consultation with neighbouring transmission system operators.


Scheduled unavailability of grid components of the current week
WeekFromTo (incl.)day (d), night (n) or hourly (n)ConnectionVoltage (kV)ReasonOn request of
6-704/02/201915/02/2019D&NGRAMME (B) - CHAMPION (B)380Scheduled worksElia
Scheduled unavailability of grid components
WeekFromTo (incl.)day (d), night (n) or hourly (n)ConnectionVoltage (kV)ReasonOn request of
818/02/201921/02/2019D&NACHENE (B) - GRAMME (B)380Scheduled worksElia
8-922/02/201928/02/2019D&NGRAMME (B) - CHAMPION (B)380Scheduled worksElia
9-1325/02/201929/03/2019D&NAVELGEM (B) - MASTAING (F)380Scheduled worksElia
10-1404/03/201905/04/2019D&NAVELGEM (B) - AVELIN (F)380Scheduled worksElia
10-3304/03/201912/08/2019D&NMONCEAU (B) - Chooz (F)220Scheduled worksElia
1005/03/201907/03/2019D&NBRUEGEL (B) - COURCELLES (DROGENBOS) (B)380Scheduled worksElia
13-1425/03/201905/04/2019D&NMASSENHOVEN (B) - MERCATOR (B)380Scheduled worksElia
1508/04/201912/04/2019D&NMEERHOUT (B- VAN EYCK (B)380Scheduled worksElia
1617/04/201918/04/2019D&NMEERHOUT (B- VAN EYCK (B)380Scheduled worksElia
17-1925/04/201909/05/2019D&NVAN EYCK (B) - Maasbracht (NL) black380Scheduled worksElia
17-1925/04/201909/05/2019D&NPST 1 - VANEYCK (MEERHOUT (B))380Scheduled worksElia
20-2113/05/201924/05/2019D&NPST 2 - VANEYCK (GRAMME (B))380Scheduled worksElia
20-2113/05/201924/05/2019D&NVAN EYCK (B) - Maasbracht (NL) white380Scheduled worksElia
2227/05/201927/05/2019D380 91 LIXHE (B) - VAN EYCK (B)380Scheduled worksElia
2227/05/201928/05/2019D&NAUBANGE (B) - MT ST MARTIN (F)220Scheduled worksElia
2303/06/201903/06/2019D380 107 GEZELLE (B) - VAN MAERLANT (B)380Scheduled worksElia
23-2503/06/201917/06/2019D&NDOEL (B) - MERCATOR (B)380Scheduled worksElia
2303/06/201903/06/2019DBRUEGEL (B) - COURCELLES (DROGENBOS) (B)380Scheduled worksElia
24-2611/06/201928/06/2019D&Nligne "D" AUBAN-ESCH220Scheduled worksElia
25-2619/06/201925/06/2019D&NZANDVLIET (B) - Geertruidenberg (NL380Scheduled worksElia
25-2819/06/201909/07/2019D&NDOEL (B) - ZANDVLIET (B)380Scheduled worksElia
27-3001/07/201926/07/2019D&NAUBANGE (B) - BRUME (B)380Scheduled worksElia
31-3429/07/201919/08/2019D&NGRAMME (B) - COURCELLE (TERGNEE) (B)380Scheduled worksElia
3129/07/201902/08/2019D&NAVELGEM (B) - HORTA (B)380Scheduled worksElia
35-4126/08/201911/10/2019D&NBRUME (B) - GRAMME (B)380Scheduled worksElia
35-3826/08/201920/09/2019D&NGRAMME (B) - CHAMPION (B)380Scheduled worksElia
36-4102/09/201911/10/2019D&NDOEL (B) - MERCATOR (B)380Scheduled worksElia
38-4316/09/201925/10/2019D&NAVELGEM (B) - HORTA (B)380Scheduled worksElia
39-4023/09/201904/10/2019D&NCHAMPION (B) - COURCELLES (B)380Scheduled worksElia
4030/09/201904/10/2019D&NZANDVLIET (B) - Borssele (NL)380Scheduled worksElia
4108/10/201909/10/2019D&NGRAMME (B) - VAN EYCK (B) - (ANDRE DUMONT) (B)380Scheduled worksElia
4214/10/201918/10/2019D380 11 GRAMME (B) - LIXHE (B)380Scheduled worksElia
4214/10/201914/10/2019DBRUME (B) - GRAMME (B)380Scheduled worksElia
4428/10/201931/10/2019D&NAVELGEM (B) - HORTA (B)380Scheduled worksElia
Realised unavailability of grid components
WeekFromTo (incl.)day (d), night (n) or hourly (n)ConnectionVoltage (kV)ReasonOn request of
209/01/201910/01/2019D&N380 110 GEZELLE (B) - VAN MAERLANT (B)380Scheduled worksElia
210/01/201910/01/2019D380 53 DOEL (B) - MERCATOR (B)380Scheduled worksElia
2-311/01/201914/01/2019D&N380 109 GEZELLE (B) - VAN MAERLANT (B)380Scheduled worksElia
211/01/201911/01/2019DDOEL (B) - MERCATOR (B)380Scheduled worksElia
315/01/201916/01/2019DHORTA (B) - VAN MAERLANT (B)380Scheduled worksElia
317/01/201918/01/2019DHORTA (B) - VAN MAERLANT - (EEKLO NOORD) (B)380Scheduled worksElia
421/01/201922/01/2019D380 111 GEZELLE (B) - STEVIN (B)380Scheduled worksElia
4-522/01/201930/01/2019D&N380 107 GEZELLE (B) - VAN MAERLANT (B)380Scheduled worksElia
423/01/201923/01/2019DHORTA (B) - VAN MAERLANT - (EEKLO NOORD) (B)380Scheduled worksElia
4-524/01/201930/01/2019D&N380 108 GEZELLE (B) - VAN MAERLANT (B)380Scheduled worksElia
528/01/201928/01/2019DMASSENHOVEN (B) - MEERHOUT (B)380Scheduled worksElia
529/01/201930/01/2019D&NGRAMME (B) - COURCELLE (TERGNEE) (B)380Scheduled worksElia
604/02/201904/02/2019DCI 400 1 NEMO RICHB CK400non Scheduled works