Forecast changes in generation capacity

Elia keeps track of permits granted to power generators so that it can produce an overview of forecast changes in generation capacity in Belgium.

The table below gives details of production permits granted by the federal minister responsible for energy policy for units with a capacity exceeding 25 MW as well as permits for offshore wind farms.

The list only includes permits for facilities which are not yet (fully) operational. Data are updated every time a new permit is awarded to a producer. The list is simply a forecast of changes to Belgian generation facilities.

Permit date Permit holder Type (production/fuel) Additional net capacity for development (Mwe) Location (municipality)
17/05/2008 Nuon Power Generation Walloon CCGT 450 Seneffe/Manage
1/10/2009 SPE CCGT 2* 460 MW Navagne
7/09/2011 Electrabel STEG 420 Amercoeur
1/08/2011 Nest-Energie 2 * STEG 2* 460 Evergem
10/08/2011 Eneco 2 * STEG + 1 piekeenheid 2 * 465 +100 Beringen
27/06/2010 Dils-Energie 2 * STEG 2 * 460 Dilsen
5/06/2007 Belwind Offshore wind farm 165 Blighbank 165 MW
4/06/2009 Rentel Offshore wind farm 288 Zuidwest-Schaar between Thorntonbank and Lodewijkbank, previously Bank zonder Naam
1/06/2012 Seastar Offshore wind farm 245 Between Lodewijkbank (previously Bank zonder Naam) and Blighbank
18/01/2012 Norther Offshore wind farm 350 South East of the Thorntonbank
20/07/2013 Mermaid Offshore wind farm 266 Above Blighbank
20/07/2013 Mermaid Offshore wave energy 61 Above Blighbank
25/06/2013 Northwester 2 Offshore wind farm 224 Above Blighbank
30/08/2011 Greensky Wind onshore 60 Hélécine, Orp-Jauche, Lincent, Landen, Hannut and Gingelom
21/12/2012 Neufchateau Wind onshore 25 Neufchateau
8/04/2013 Thuillies Wind onshore 26 Thuillies