To help maintain the balance between generation and consumption, Elia has balance responsible parties at every grid access point.

A balance responsible party must be appointed for every grid access point, i.e. at every point where energy injections or offtakes are performed. A balance responsible party is also called an access responsible party (ARP).

An ARP may be an electricity producer, a major consumer, an electricity supplier or a trader. They are tasked with maintaining the quarter-hourly balance between all grid user injections and offtakes for which they, as an ARP, are responsible. Visit Process for more information.

To become an ARP, the ARP applicant must sign a contract with Elia setting out the rights and obligations of the two parties. Visit ARP contract and Application ARP contract for more information.

To maintain the balance in their area of responsibility, an ARP can use a hub to exchange energy with other ARPs for the same day or the following day. Visit Trade between ARPs to find out more.

If an imbalance between injections and offtakes is recorded at an access point, Elia applies an imbalance tariff. Visit Imbalance tariffs for more information.