Transfer of Energy

Elia draws up a proposal of the Transfer of Energy rules in accordance with Art. 19bis §2 of the Electricity Law relative to the organization of the electricity market of 29 April 1999, which was amended on 13th of July 2017 in order to create a framework for the participation of demand side flexibility and the storage of electricity. The final version of these Transfer of Energy rules is published on Elia’s website, after approval by CREG. In addition to these rules for Transfer of Energy, the Elia – Supplier contract, which lays down the modalities to carry out the communication of flexibility data involving any Access Point included in the portfolio of the Supplier for which a Transfer of Energy applies, is also published hereunder.

Publication of the Transfer of Energy rules

As stipulated in Art. 19bis §2 of the Electricity Law, the Transfer of Energy rules determine in particular:

  1. the principles for the determination of the activated flexibility volume;
  2. the principles to correct the quarter-hour imbalance of ARPsource caused by the activation of demand side flexibility by an FSP
  3. the exchange of information and data necessary for the implementation of Transfer of Energy ;
  4. the phased implementation of Transfer of Energy in the various markets as stipulated in the Electricity Act

The Transfer of Energy Rules can be consulted here:

  • Version 1: Transfer of Energy rules (in French or Dutch) with entry into force on 01/06/2018, approved by CREG on 24/05/2018 (decision (B)1747 available in French and in Dutch )


Publication of the Elia – Supplier Contract for the Exchange of Data Related to the Transfer of Energy

The Elia-Supplier Contract can be consulted here: