Elia records and checks the exchanges of energy on its grid every quarter of an hour. They are measured by meters that are installed and managed by Elia.

The Elia high-voltage grid includes energy metering devices, which we use to record and check data about exchanges of energy at grid connections and interconnections. The measurements comply with Belgian legislation and are taken at 15-minute intervals, enabling Elia to ensure the technical and economic management of the transmission of energy.

Elia can send real-time metering results by the Tase2 (ICCP) protocol. They can also be provided on a quarter-hourly basis via an FTP or ECP protocol.

The metering impulses supplied by Elia enable industrial customers and power generators to track for themselves how their power consumption and generation are developing.

Grid users can draw on Elia’s expertise in metering with standard or additional metering services. Visit the page Practical guide to learn more about it. Any applicant requesting additional or commercial metering has to pay for this service. The rates can be found on the page Details of additional and commercial metering.