Do you want to offer your products or services to Elia or find out more about our purchasing policy or purchasing ethics? Then you are in the right place.

At Elia, purchasing is centralised and forms one of the major items of expenditure. It covers the following:

  • the high- and low-voltage equipment and investment projects in the power grid (contracting works, engineering companies, turnkey projects);
  • general purchases (including IT equipment and service contracts for the corporate departments);
  • energy purchases.

Purchases have a major impact on the costs of the grid operator and are passed on in tariffs. Therefore they are subject to a strict purchasing policy and code of ethics applied by Elia. Furthermore, above a certain amount, purchases must be made via a European tendering procedure.

Are you an Elia supplier (or a potential Elia supplier)? Download our general terms and conditions and purchasing documents and discover our tools for electronic requests for invoice on the ‘Information and tools for suppliers’ page.