Information and tools for suppliers

Elia does everything it can to facilitate the purchasing and invoicing procedure and keep its suppliers properly informed.

Since September 1st 2015 a new version of the General Purchasing Conditions is applicable (see below). 

The structure of this document is unchanged compared to the previous version, some chapters have been adapted with a view to clear up Elia's requirements towards its suppliers and/or to have requirements more in line with the current market conditions.

For any question relating to these new General Purchasing Conditions, please contact your usual contact person at the Purchasing Department.

Purchasing documents


Tools REFIN and SUS

To facilitate the invoicing procedure, Elia has developed some tools for suppliers to provide electronic requests for invoice.

Direct access to Elia Portal

For Elia's purchase orders on investments projects : REFIN

For other Elia's purchase orders : SUS



E-Sourcing (Ariba)

E-Sourcing is used by Elia as a facilitator in our sourcing process. More in particular, Elia will use an E-Sourcing platform to organize sourcing events such as Requests For Information or Requests For Proposal. The E-Sourcing tool gives vendors an opportunity to bid and compete fairly for Elia business.



Need help?

For any question or problem with the tools at your disposal:

  • Nathalie Sarlet                 + 32 2 546 77 64                                  

  • Barbara Delchambre         + 32 2 382 23 55                      
  • Ariba Customer Support    Click here for more information