Plenary Meetings

The member organisations of the Users’ Group meet several times each year to discuss issues together and receive important information from Elia.

Elia sees the plenary meetings as an opportunity to pass on information about important topics that are not addressed by the working groups.

The organisation and topics of the working groups are also discussed. Feedback on the working groups’ activities is given at every plenary meeting.

Plenary meetings of the Users' Group may approve positions regarding electricity policy, and in particular the implementation of the Grid Code, which in turn it may pass on to the relevant minister(s) and/or regulator(s). See the ‘Official Documents’  page to find out more about the positions promulgated by the Users’ Group.

By clicking on ‘Membership List’, you can view a list of the members of the Users’ Group.
You can see the agenda for plenary meetings on the ‘Agenda’ page.